o3n Male and Female UMA Races

o3n Male and Female UMA Races v.1.0 Unfortunately Unity declined the package because CC-BY license is not compatible with UAS license. (Though I had asked about it way before, they did not mention it then). While this is unfortunate that it won’t be available on UAS, you can still get […]

AnyIK Tutorial 5 comments

You may take a look at AnyIK features here. You may also download the PDF version of the tutorial here. (PDF is included in AnyIK package) Upgrade Notes for Earlier Versions (1.x) Version 2.0 introduces new scripts with new names for every type of IK script, although old scripts (if kept) may […]

Morph 3D in Action 4 comments

This is a little character creation demo made with Unity using Morph 3D Male Lite and Female Lite characters. Demo is featuring runtime blendshape changes. There are some clipping issues with clothing especially for some sliders with higher values. Hopefully these would be fixed as Morph3D releases newer versions. I […]