Request content by providing 3d model

You may submit your content request by filling out this form.

You provide the 3D model (and textures) for the content. Models don’t need to be rigged. When I create a wardrobe item/set/etc from the 3D model you provided, I’ll publish it as a paid asset on Unity Asset Store, and will send you a free Unity Asset Store Voucher.

You must own the rights for everything you’re uploading. Please DO NOT Upload anything that you are not authorized to let o3n modify and sell on Unity Asset Store. There will not be any payment, royalty whatsoever other than the Free Voucher you’ll receive for the created asset.

o3n Games may decide not to create a Unity asset from the model you provide.

This service is for those who can create the models but lack the skills or time to rig, convert, set-up the UMA wardrobe asset for o3n Jane & John UMA Races.