o3n AnyIK 3


Foot/Look IK Demo | Generic IK Demo | Guide (PDF)

AnyIK 3 is the successor of AnyIK 2. It is rewritten to get rid of the complicated setup process.

Like AnyIK 2, it has foot IK, generic IK and look IK scripts. Scripts require much less configuration as well as initial setup.

The muscle setup assets for UMA, o3n UMA, Morph 3D models and a mixamo model is provided with the package. You can create the muscle setup asset for any other model by a simple click.

AnyIK 3 currently supports only characters with humanoid animators. That’s why AnyIK 2 will not be deprecated until AnyIK 3 has the ability to process non humanoid animators.

Remember to enable IK pass on the animator’s layers since AnyIK is now processed at the Animator IK.


– Initial release of AnyIK 3.

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