AnyIK an IK processing tool for Unity

– Fixed an editor script error that occurs when animator is not humanoid.
– Added methods to IKController interface to get and set weight (Not usable on foot placement IK controller since it automatically adjusts each IK weight)
– Changed “on ground” check and IK process criteria to perform better when foot position is under ground level.
– Added hip vertical movement option to IK chain. (When selected hips moved to match IK target)
– Added rotation leftover processing (when end effector is limited and cannot match target rotation, leftover rotation can be passed to next bone)
– Fixed inaccurate IK processing when parent bone is rotated by another IK script by matching taret rotation option.
– Added layers support to AnyIKFootPlacementController script. Now you can select which layers to consider as “floor”.
– Added Mixamo bone structure template.
– Added option to not use bone structure template.
– Added a sample no BS (bone structure) bone limit template in bone limit list
– Added iClone G6 and UMA Bone Structure Templates
– Added a utility script (AnyIKAnimatorRelay) for having AnyIK scripts and Animator on different game objects. This is especially useful for dynamically created characters like UMA.
– Heel angle now can be negative, which will rotate foot up instead of down.

– Simultaneous script processing (high accuracy with common bones through IK chains)
– Automatic humanoid animator detection
– Bone structure presets and bone limit presets added (For best bone limit and correct rotations across different character models)

– Added a sample scene to demonstrate Foot Placement. (Robot Kyle and some of Standart Assets used for this scene. These are free Unity assets and used for demonstration purpose only.)

– Added heel processing options to AnyIKFootPlacement script
– Added AnyIKHeelController script
– Improved foot placement

– Bug fixes

– Initial release


AnyIK provides scripts that enables you to define IK chains (AnyIKChainController) by the character’s rig’s bones. Animator component is required but model can be humanoid or not. When the model is humanoid, it is automatically detected by script and many of the settings will be handled for you.

Starting from v2.0 forward, IK chains are executed simultaneously. This means accurate IK targetting regardless of execution order. Common bones will not cause inaccuracy and will be processed by each chain they are part of simultaneosly, rotating to accomodate all of them.

A comprehensive editor inspector is provided for flexible customization. Features of scripts are as follows:

IK Chain (AnyIKChainController):
– Select from unity humanoid bones or use your skeleton’s bone transforms.
– Use unity humanoid muscle limits when using humanoid or define your own rotation constraints.
– Add as many bones as you like to the IK chain. (Every “add” action will add parent bone / transform to the chain)
– Add multiple IK chains to same character by adding more than one AnyIKChainController to it.

Look At (AnyIKHeadLookController):
– Use unity humanoid head or define your own transform as head.
– Optionally add more bones to head look chain.
– Optionally include eyes in “look at”.
– Target can be a transform or a humanoid bone of a humanoid character (ie. head, left hand etc.).

Foot placement (AnyIKFootPlacementController) :

– Rotation restrictions.
– Adjustment of hips to get the lowest foot on the ground.
– Ability to define hips offset.
– Ability to enable heel processing.

Check out the tutorial page or video promo.

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