o3n Simple Humanoid Foot IK

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Simple humanoid foot IK is a script that automatically detects the floor distance and floor geometry and applies the Unity built-in IK for feet. It’s as simple as dragging the script on the character. No setup needed (Unlike AnyIK).

It detects frontal area for stairs-like geometry to adjust the feet height. It checks the animation’s foot height to decide if the foot is on the floor.

It works with any “humanoid” model. It also works with UMA out of the box. No extra setup needed. Just drag and drop.

* Remember to enable IK pass on the animator controller’s base layer.


– Added a public property to enable / disable IK on the script.
– Added manual and a readme file in the package.
– Added a button to enable / disable IK on the sample scene.

– Initial release

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