o3n AnyIK 3   Recently updated !

  Foot/Look IK Demo | Generic IK Demo | Guide (PDF) AnyIK 3 is the successor of AnyIK 2. It is rewritten to get rid of the complicated setup process. Like AnyIK 2, it has foot IK, generic IK and look IK scripts. Scripts require much less configuration as well as initial setup. The muscle […]

o3n Simple Humanoid IK vs. AnyIK 2 vs. AnyIK 3   Recently updated !

o3n Simple Humanoid IK AnyIK 2 AnyIK 3 Supports Humanoid Animator Yes Yes Yes Supports Non-Humanoid Animator No Yes No * Uses Unity IK Yes No No ** Uses Muscle Limited CCD No Yes Yes ** Foot IK Yes Yes Yes High Heels Simulation No Yes Yes Look IK Yes […]

o3n Simple Humanoid Foot IK   Recently updated !

Demo | AnyIK Comparison   Description Simple humanoid foot IK is a script that automatically detects the floor distance and floor geometry and applies the Unity built-in IK for feet. It’s as simple as dragging the script on the character. No setup needed (Unlike AnyIK). It detects frontal area for stairs-like geometry […]

o3n Male and Female UMA Races 1 comment

o3n Male and Female UMA Races. Click here for WebGL demo. If you want to know the content available (or upcoming) for o3n Races check the patreon page here. Better yet become a patron and decide what’s next. Blender file for content creation is available for download here. Version Details […]

o3n Male and Female UMA Races (1.0 from Bastioni Models) [Discontinued]   Recently updated !

o3n Male and Female UMA Races v.2.0 Due to CC-BY incompatibility I have reworked whole package with my own base meshes based on UMA base models. Manuel Bastioni models will not be used anymore. For more details check the page for the new version.   o3n Male and Female UMA […]

AnyIK Demo

This demo is the PC demo of AnyIK  2.0. Download the demo (PC).    

AnyIK Tutorial 5 comments

You may take a look at AnyIK features here. You may also download the PDF version of the tutorial here. (PDF is included in AnyIK package) Upgrade Notes for Earlier Versions (1.x) Version 2.0 introduces new scripts with new names for every type of IK script, although old scripts (if kept) may […]

AnyIK an IK processing tool for Unity 2 comments

​Changelog 2.0r8 – Fixed an editor script error that occurs when animator is not humanoid. – Added methods to IKController interface to get and set weight (Not usable on foot placement IK controller since it automatically adjusts each IK weight) ​2.0r7 – Changed “on ground” check and IK process criteria […]