AnyIK Demo   Recently updated !

This demo is work in progress. Currently you can use the interface controls to enable or disable foot placement and heel option. Demo will be extended to showcase head look and a hand IK example. Download the demo (PC).     [Total: 0    Average: 0/5]



AnyIK Tutorial   Recently updated !

You can take a look at AnyIK features┬áhere.   When you import AnyIK you will see a folder structure like this. The scripts that can be added to a game object are as follows: AnyIKController, AnyIKHeadController, AnyIKFootPlacement and AnyIKCoordinator. Keep in mind that, AnyIK scripts are processed at OnLateUpdate function. […]

AnyIK an IK processing tool for Unity   Recently updated !

AnyIK package contains a generic IK script that will enable you to define IK chains from your characters’ skeleton, a generic “look at” script to define a look at target which can optionally include processing of additional bones (neck, spine etc) and eyes, and a foot placement script. Available on […]



Morph 3D 2.0 Tutorial

If you’ve been following Morph 3D you probably know that they are planning to release their new version of MCS Models as well as artist tools for creating Morph 3D compatible clothing. Actually the toolkit (not the tools) is available on Morph 3D website (Beta page). Unfortunately artists tools is […]


Morph 3D Tutorial Part 2: Changing blendshapes at runtime 9

In the last part we set up our scene and added a character controller to our MCSMaleLite model. Now we can proceed to setting blendshapes at runtime. First we need a UI and a slider to modify the blendshapes. Select Create -> UI -> Canvas in the hierarchy view. Now […]

Morph 3D Tutorial Part 1: Setting up the scene 3

This part of tutuorial is about setting up the scene with a Morph 3D model. So first thing’s first, open unity and create a new project called Morph3DTutorial. From the “Window Menu” select the “Asset Store”. Search “MCS Male Lite” and select it then click download. (you might need to […]



Morph 3D Tutorial 1

This tutuorial aims to put a Morph 3D character in the Unity scene and change morph (blendshape) values at runtime with a slider. It will be a much simpler version of the Morph 3D demo here. I am not an expert on either Unity, C# or Morph 3D. This is […]

Morph 3D in Action 4

This is a little character creation demo made with Unity using Morph 3D Male Lite and Female Lite characters. Demo is featuring runtime blendshape changes. There are some clipping issues with clothing especially for some sliders with higher values. Hopefully these would be fixed as Morph3D releases newer versions. I […]