o3n Male and Female UMA Races (1.0 from Bastioni Models) [Discontinued]

o3n Male and Female UMA Races v.2.0

Due to CC-BY incompatibility I have reworked whole package with my own base meshes based on UMA base models. Manuel Bastioni models will not be used anymore.

For more details check the page for the new version.


o3n Male and Female UMA Races v.1.0 [Discontinued in favor of new version with non-bastioni models]

Unfortunately Unity declined the package because CC-BY license is not compatible with UAS license. (Though I had asked about it way before, they did not mention it then).

While this is unfortunate that it won’t be available on UAS, you can still get it for free from the git repository.

Click here for WebGL demo.

This package contains custom male and female UMA races created from Manuel Bastioni models.
UMA is required for this package to work. Special thanks to UMA Steering group, they made this possible
by giving “the” character framework to Unity Community. And also for letting me modify two of the
UMA hair models to include in this package.

The o3n male and female 3d models are generated using the open source tool “ManuelbastioniLAB”
so o3n male and female models in this package are derivative of the characters created by
Manuel Bastioni (www.manuelbastioni.com) and are licensed under CC-BY 4.0.

All the changes to the exported bastioni models are listed below:

– Male and female models are exported with 0.5 on every slider value. So the base models are
avarage human male and female.

– Posture of the models are altered for a better standing A pose. (Legs rotated slightly forward
to get the feet directly below body)

– Added several bones to the armature and changed / modified the vertex skin weights heavily to have all
the adjustment capability of UMA framework.

– Added several face bones and rigged the face to have the adjustments of the face available (Bastioni face
morphs have not been used)

– Textures are altered, namely; removed the hair to its own texture so that it can be put on and off,
Changed color of skin so it is lighter and can be colored at will at runtime.

– Modified models’ fbx files are included in the package.

Please check out the ManuelBastioni faq page for the requirements of the CC-BY license (http://www.manuelbastioni.com/faq.php)

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