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Html Element Copier Plugin

This plugin is for copying an html tag and its contents from a page. Let’s say you need to get a from a page and you know it’s the 5th table on that page (you can check by a simple ‘show source’ on the page), all you have to do is to use o3nhtmlcopier shortcode as follows;

[o3nhtmlcopier url='http://www.pagetogetcontentfrom.com' count=5]

Remember that only the inline styling will be copied, so you may have to alter your css to adjust the visuals.

If you just enter [o3nhtmlcopier] you’ll get the first table on this page which is explaining the options that are available:

option usage Details
url=’http://www.pagetogetcontentfrom.com/page.html’ Don’t forget the http:// (Default is this page, and can be changed at plugin setting page)
tagname=’tagname’ This is the element tag name to be copied. Do not use < or > just the tag name (Default is table, and can be changed at plugin setting page)
count=1 This is the place of the element in page. So if it is the 5th table on page put in 5. (Default is 1)
striplinks=false Remove the link html code from copied content. Consider that relative path links probably won’t work when cloned and shown on your domain (Default is false)
striphtml=false Remove the html code from copied content
allowedtags=” Comma separated list of allowed tags when striphtml is true. (i.e. table,td,tr do not use < or >
showsource=1 If equals 1, shows a link in the copied content to source page, else it does not. (Default is 1 and can be changed at plugin setting page)
sourcelabel Source link’s text. (Default is ‘Source >>’)

Please ask for permission from the page owner before copying content from other people’s websites. ¬†And remember that showing the source is always a kind thing to do.

Download the plugin here.

Have fun.


  1. I want to use this facility on my website…

    • Umut Ozkan

      Give it a try :) Let me know if you need any assistance.

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